Team performance: case studies

Here are just a few examples where we have made a positive impact on team performance:

  • Transformed the way a global team work together by using Hogan to help them recognise and capitalise on their strengths. By working with them initially individually and then collectively, they were able to build their personal profile and understand their team profile. The team profile enabled them to build on their reputation and engage more powerfully with their employees and other key stakeholders. From having siloed and operational mindsets, the team is now working as a high performing leadership team in running their business.
  • Coached newly formed senior management team 1-1 through a process and in the development of their leadership skills following the expansion of their division into Europe. Introduced and facilitated Organisational Development model to determine vision, mission and strategy; metrics; current capability and future capability requirements; and Transformation Map/Balanced Scorecard. Designed and facilitated Management off-sites and 2-day employee team-building event. This process was subsequently replicated by the global leader in the US.
  • Development of management team, including coaching, facilitating, management development, and cross-cultural team development, within a fast moving, young and entrepreneurial High Tech organisation.  Coached newly promoted Country Managers, as well as more seasoned Country Managers and Functional Directors, across Europe.
  • Designed and facilitated series of 2-day strategy retreats with Board of Swedish healthcare company. Outputs included vision; 3-year strategy; identification of organisational capabilities required to realise competitive advantage; design of the organisation structure; creation of the Company values, beliefs and behaviours; and talent management principles. Developed and co-facilitated an 18-month “journey” for the senior leadership team of a newly created division within a major supermarket chain. Outputs included team/division purpose, vision, stakeholder mapping and plan, strategic business plans, and also a vision to determine their impact to enable company wide culture change. Coached individuals within the team to deliver both individual and collective impact.
  • Partnered with the leadership team of international division of major Bank to drive culture change and improve levels of employee engagement. Designed and delivered focus groups across Europe and produced a report with both short and longer-term recommendations. Facilitated and supported the leadership team to produce: philosophy, values, action plans, and leadership conference for top 100 leaders. Coached individuals within the team to support them through this difficult journey and to develop their leadership capability for the longer term.
  • Designed and facilitated team-building event with European global supply team utilising Myers Briggs, to overcome significant issues with team dynamics and working style.