“I have had the privilege of working with Rose, Lesley and Emily to roll out a change capability programme for our senior leaders as part as our leadership development programme. Over the two years we have been running the programme, we have run more than 20 programmes and trained over 250 people across the Trust. Feedback has been excellent, both immediately post-programme and at 6-12 months after attending the programme.

Attendees identified key changes in their change mindset, and how they approach change. Within the Trust there is a greater understanding and focus on the people side of change and the importance of collaboration and co-creation to successfully implement change.

Feedback about the longer term impacts of the programme includes: improved staff consultation processes, improvements to outpatient clinic efficiency, improved Trust-wide planning process change rollout.

Participants reflected that they have created supportive networks within the programme that has helped them in their day-to-day roles, and that they now feel more able to lead and enable change within their teams.

Rose, Lesley and Emily are highly knowledgeable, with excellent facilitation skills. They create an environment of learning and trust, use the wisdom of the group and make every programme bespoke. They are a great team to work in partnership with – professional, highly committed and great fun!”

Lisa Hancock, Organisation Development Change Lead

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“Cara’s empathetic approach and ability to really listen enabled her to establish deep levels of trust with each member of the Finance senior leadership group. This trust, combined with thoughtfully planned and facilitated off-sites, led to a transformation in terms of how the leadership team behaved and operated within a remarkably short space of time and ultimately provided the foundations for a successful change programme. We would not have achieved what we did without Cara’s input and support and it was a pleasure to work with her.”

Grant Speirs, CFO, M&G

“The organization of this meeting beyond the simple logistics was a complicated task. The group had not really come together as one previously, had been dealing with a great deal of organizational change and as a consequence the number of potential agenda items was huge.

[The Padfield Partnership] helped us take a step back, look at the big picture and focus on those areas which would help the entire organization going forward rather than on individual personal issues. To do this most effectively, [they, as impartial people], interviewed a number of staff, collated the data and identified the high-level issues.

This was followed by a clear recommendation not only of the type of activities required for simple team building but also activities which allowed these issues to be raised and openly addressed. [The Padfield team] took control of the running of the meeting, provided individual coaching during the meeting for the senior leadership who were running the meeting and most importantly followed up after the meeting to collate feedback and ensure ongoing care for the issues raised.

All in all it was an enjoyable and rewarding experience which would not have gone nearly as successfully without [Padfield Partnership’s] help and continued support.”

Mike Burgess, Global Head pRED Oncology, Hoffman La-Roche

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“Working with Cara was a great experience. It was a truly collaborative effort and we acted as one team, working in an agile way on a project that we all felt really passionate about. These sorts of powerful cultural change initiatives can sometimes become overly complex but we worked quickly, with a clear goal and timeframe in mind. Plus we had fun! Cara’s supportive and calm approach really suited our business. We now have a refreshed and clearly articulated company purpose and a set of values and behaviours that form the cornerstone of our culture. Lots here to build on and keep embedding.”

Hannily Pavey, Global Head of Communications, Fidelity International

“I jumped from managing a small business to leading at strategic level and empowering my team. Rose helped me stop and think about what leadership style would make me most effective in a changing organisation, so I could display gravitas, motivate people and influence. She was a tremendous support to me during this time of change.”

Linda Jackson, Thomson Reuters

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“Cara created a space which allowed me to open up and let go, thereby being able to guide, advise on and encourage alternative ways and approaches, which I have integrated into my everyday professional life. Cara’s way of approaching issues and channelling solutions has made a big contribution to my professional well-being. Additionally, she has been an absolute pleasure to work with, gently, always diplomatically, strategically pointing out various options.”

Client Solutions Investment Director, Fidelity International

“Rose Padfield’s coaching helped improve individual relationships and shape team vision and mission. Rose is an exceptional consultant/coach with second-to-none understanding of the organisational and personal needs of her customers. With a deep business understanding and personal empathy, she develops individuals and teams to perform significantly more effectively and efficiently. She focuses on the individual and team and thus ensures that her customers’ businesses benefit. To work with Rose is rewarding and a lot of fun, too.”

Rainer Mielecki, Head of Global Public/Government Affairs Crop Protection, BASF – The Chemical Company

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“Our leadership off-site was designed to set our vision and draw up an actionable plan to deliver on our strategy, as well as build a leadership team that could trust one another, collaborate effectively and lead inclusively. The two days were expertly led by Cara and her co-facilitator, who struck the perfect balance of vision, strategy, inclusive leadership and team bonding. The team arrived as individual contributors and left as a collective ready to forge ahead to deliver the business strategy and become inclusive leaders.”

R.K., Executive Team Member, Barclays UK Wealth Management Division

“I have been working with [The Padfield Partnership] since 2007. [They are] the best professional recommendation I have had, and I would not hesitate to recommend [them] to anyone, either as a coach or as a strategic partner in team building. [They have] acted as a key strategic support and sparring partner with my own development and that of my team. [They are] very flexible with [their] approach, listen well and design programmes to meet our needs. [They are] great listeners, probing and pushing rather than accepting my first answers, which always means the results and outcome are far better than I would have expected. Finally, [they] will always go the extra mile and I feel, if I have an issue, [they] will listen and support me outside our professional allocated time.”

Fiona Wright, Marketing Director UK and Ireland, Lego

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“[The Padfield Partnership] ran a successful team-building day for a senior leadership group and encouraged debate around some tricky topics. [They] acted as a liaison to gain agreement on boundaries between two senior individuals, who were constantly sparring and stepping on one another’s toes. [They] also successfully coached members of the senior leadership team with marked improvement in their performance as a result. [They are] supportive, direct, fun, professional and encouraging. [They] ensure accountability, [are] challenging and assertive, and able to deliver difficult messages to senior individuals. [They] build rapport easily, [are] polished presenters and excellent coaches, unbiased, and a delight to work with.”

Jackie P Wybrow, HR Director International, Royal Caribbean & Celebrity Cruises

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“The Padfield Partnership worked for our European virtual organisation in several instances. First in 2001, they helped our European Affiliates understand the consequences of spinning off one product that would be promoted at the pan-European level outside the setting of country affiliates. Their understanding of Human Resources matters, the Lilly values and internal perspectives helped with the development of our new organisational model.

In 2002, The Padfield Partnership was called on again to help appraise the temperature of our Sales Force working in this virtual setup. Indeed, the relationship, the roles and responsibilities between local affiliates that hold the industrial relations, work contracts, salary programs and the virtual organisation’s management is not an easy one to develop quickly. We wanted to check how our employees feel about it. The Padfield Partnership worked throughout Europe, and gave us tremendous value with a report prepared that really helped us speed up the resolution of issues beyond pure HR matters. They also pointed out supervision issues that we were unaware of. They dealt with this sensitive information in a very professional manner that enabled us to take appropriate actions.

I believe that The Padfield Partnership demonstrates a great and deep understanding in the HR field and we certainly will use them again in the future.”

Francis Denis, Director, Human Resources and Finance Eli Lilly & Co. Ltd., Critical Care Europe

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“As a world-leading company, Syngenta needs high-performing management teams and The Padfield Partnership were asked to help us build a new team of senior human resources managers for Syngenta in the United Kingdom. This group were used to working very independently and individually. [The Padfield Partnership] designed and facilitated a two-day workshop, with follow up. At the end of the two days, the individuals made significant shifts in their thinking, and came together as a team to create a passion and a tangible model for moving forward to build a world class HR function.

When, later, additional members joined the group, [the Padfield team] worked with us again to ensure that the new members were properly integrated into the team.

I like [their] style – [they] provided an external focus, enabled us to pay attention to the bigger picture, and helped us build a very real sense of closeness as a team. I would have no hesitation in asking [them] to help us in the future.”

David Slee Head of UK HR, Syngenta

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“Rose first came into Hollister to coach one of our senior European Marketing managers for a period of 4 months. During this time a significant shift in his performance and approach has been noted by his team, peer group and colleagues. Initially sceptical, the manager quickly developed his trust in Rose who dovetailed both his individual goals/aspirations with those of our organisation. He is delighted with this focused approach of one-to-one development and Hollister will continue to use Rose’s coaching skills to grow our organisational capability.”

Katrina Easterling, Head of HR, EMEA, Hollister Europe Ltd

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