Personal growth for award-winning marketing team


Fiona heads the experienced and enthusiastic LEGO UK marketing team that ‘swept the board’ at a global awards ceremony. However, this wasn’t always the case. When we started working with them, the team consisted of individuals who were competitive with each other, there was limited collaboration and a poor team spirit. We were invited to enhance their personal and team development.


We held team days once every six months, designed to enable individuals to focus on personal and team development and to develop respect for the diversity within the team.

Since they were struggling with workload, we helped develop their vision, mission and capability matrix, and found ways to make them more efficient and address bottle-necks.

We also coached Fiona to boost her leadership skills, to manage the diverse personalities of the group, and to make tough decisions ethically and effectively.

Tools used

  • Myers-Briggs and Working Styles to recognise diversity
  • Team charter to build commitment
  • Executive coaching for leadership development
  • Calendar plotting to manage their workload more efficiently
  • Strategy day to build the vision and mission
  • Firo-B for individual and team development
  • Transactional analysis to deepen understanding of oneself and interactions with others
  • Acknowledging success to celebrate achievements
  • Goldfish bowl exercise to integrate new team members
  • NLP for goal-setting
  • Start-stop-continue exercise for forward progress


Our progamme helped move this group of competing individuals to become a high-performing, award-winning team, that is now considered to be highly influential within the business. Fiona has also achieved a high degree of credibility and been promoted.