One-to-one coaching to boost confidence & presentation skills

Major retail organisation


When standing in front of the board, the head of the purchasing division tended to give rapid answers that weren’t well thought out, which reflected badly on him. He was being groomed for a significant promotion, but this issue was holding him back.


We conducted a series of six coaching sessions to help calm his mind. We ‘unpeeled the layers’ and found that he’d been to a strict boarding school. It turned out that, when he stood in front of the board, he felt as though they were in the same position of authority as his teachers had been. This meant he felt like a frightened schoolboy and could never admit “I don’t know”.


We coached him on how to attain an inner calmness and confidence, so he was better mentally prepared for board presentations. We provided practical help as well as emotional support, so he was physically prepared to anticipate and answer questions professionally.

As a result of the coaching, his confidence grew, and he was promoted from manager to director