One-to-one coaching for newly promoted leader

Global research-based organisation


A well-established project leader was promoted into a role leading a large organisation covering four key sites around the world. Instead of leading tasks she had to lead over 200 people – quite a different role.

Rather than seeing herself as a functional leader, she now needed to operate with a broader and more influential scope, higher up the organisation. We were brought in to help her learn how to ‘wear a bigger hat’ in terms of impact in and across the company.


We coached her on a one-to-one basis for 12 months.

During the coaching sessions, we helped her think through her role as a leader, and established where she should focus her energy for the greatest impact and value creation. We really challenged her to think of her role within the company and of the company. We stretched her to think upwards and outwards as well as downwards.

The coaching focused both on leadership style and real-life challenges – thus integrating both intellectual theory and practical application.

We brought various tasks together, facilitated the building of a team vision and mission and developed the capability of her leadership team to drive the organisation with her.


We helped her develop leadership skills and capabilities. She is now seen as an inspirational and innovative leader, and her people would ‘walk over hot coals’ for her. The remit of her department has now expanded as a result of the innovative approach and results demonstrated by her people.