Large-scale team-building event on Italian island


Mike, the boss of a scientific organisation located in six sites across the world, wanted to create a sense of community across the business. With his slightly maverick approach, he didn’t want the event to be orientated around work outputs. He did want employees to network more and to develop a sense of ‘belonging’, so they could learn from each other and spot opportunities. The aim was that collaboration would be increased long-term across the global sites. We were invited to co-design the event in conjunction with the project team, and to facilitate the whole agenda over three days.


We took 120 senior leaders to an hotel on an Italian island, where we ran a series of team-building and knowledge-sharing activities. We ‘hosted’ and facilitated the flow of the event throughout.

In preparation, we talked to a group of people about the business challenges they were experiencing. We then worked these topics into a business-challenge debate during the event, giving attendees the opportunity to come up with positive solutions.

About two months later, we followed up with the same group of interviewees to assess the impact, so the organising committee and leadership team could focus their attention as required to help move the organisation forward.


  • Ice-breaker activity to launch the occasion
  • Motivational speech linked to leadership and team-building
  • Team-building exercises that were educational and fun
  • Breakout groups for forward-thinking discussions
  • Leadership commitment to change
  • Social events for further team bonding


The event helped employees get to know each other better, which resulted in a sense of community being generated. Specific networking groups were created, helping to advance collaboration across the company’s global sites long-term. Employees became more engaged, launching various work initiatives and helping to evolve the organisation.


It was an enjoyable and rewarding experience which would not have gone nearly as successfully without [Rose’s] help and support.Read more