Getting a silo-oriented leadership team to ‘pull together’


A team of 15, spread across the USA, Asia and Europe, were committed, hard-working and doing a fantastic job in their own areas. In order for the leader to evolve the organisation, they needed to operate more as one collaborative leadership team. We were tasked to help these highly skilled experts break out of their silo-orientated thinking and move the organisation forward.


We held a series of two- to three-day meetings where they could meet face-to-face to establish a transformation map and realise their commitment to the team. We worked with team members to set organisational goals and priorities as well as to build bonds and develop ongoing relationships between individuals.

In parallel, we coached the leader in leadership and organisational development, giving her the skills to bring together a functional global leadership team both now and in the future.

Tools used

  • SWOT analysis as a catalyst for change
  • Blue-sky exercise to articulate the vision
  • Team charter to demonstrate commitment
  • Action planning to encourage implementation of goals
  • Hogan personality inventories to reveal key insights
  • Mini-coaching sessions to support individual change
  • Coaching supervision for peer-to-peer development
  • One-to-one feedback sessions to give and receive feedback and provide personal development


The shared experience and learnings really worked to ‘pull’ the team together, rather than ‘push’ them together. Employee opinion ratings improved, the team tracked well along a timeline of goals, and they were granted more resources as a measure of the regard they were held in. Individuals were able to establish working relationships across the organisation, in an environment of regular communication and high-support, high-challenge feedback. As a result, the influence and profile of the team within the business was strengthened.