Coaching to enhance leadership skills

Financial services


Linda, MD, EMEA for a division within Thomson Reuters, was targeted to grow her business x 3 within 5 years, during a period of enormous organisational change. She is a practical leader who was inclined to dive into the detail and micro-manage, rather than stop, think and plan strategically. We were invited to help develop her leadership presence and capability, enthuse and empower her employees, lead at a strategic level, and grow the business.


We conducted a 360 degree exercise and Hogan to give increased awareness and insights. We helped capitalise on her strengths and identify areas for development, which included: strategic thinking time, becoming more assertive while retaining her strong relationships with others, and influencing key stakeholders.

To suit Linda’s style, we used a practical coaching approach with six sessions where we worked through real issues to help her drive business growth as well as influencing the outcome of the organisational review.

We held regular reviews with Linda, her boss and the HR Head, to ensure we were on track to achieve the measures of success that were required.


We helped Linda develop leadership capabilities and influencing skills with her peer group and her boss. We ‘paced’ her so she can now slow down, stop, think and strategise. She is also stepping back and delegating more (for example, she now deals with only 60 emails a day rather than 200). She was also able to influence a satisfactory outcome for her division within the company-wide restructure.

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