Personal branding

This month’s article is all about your personal brand. Don’t think of yourself as an employee of the company you work for; imagine you are the CEO of yourself! Read on to understand why a personal brand is a good thing to have and how to establish yours.

Tapping into social intelligence at work

According to psychologist Howard Gardner, there are eight “signs” of intelligence: spatial; bodily-kinaesthetic; musical, linguistic, logical-mathematical; inter-personal (sometimes called social intelligence); intra-personal (sometimes called self intelligence); and naturalistic. Of course, I know you are brilliant at all of these but maybe there are one or two that sound more like you?!!

In this article, we look at social intelligence and how to apply it in the world of work. I found several, natural links with some of my previous articles, so these are shown too.

How to promote the work of your department

As an individual or a department in a big organisation, you often need to stand out from the crowd and get noticed to be valued, and to help get the resources you need to deliver and evolve your work. It also helps the people in your department to feel motivated to ‘go the extra mile’, and to attract talented new people, if they are in a team that is recognised and talked about. So, this month, we look at how and why to promote the work of your department.

Secrets of charismatic leadership

Leaders I work with often aspire to be ‘charismatic’. We all recognise a charismatic leader, but how many of us can describe what they actually do to earn that title? Inspired by an article I read in Harvard Business Review, this newsletter attempts to describe the common traits of charismatic leaders, so you can identify which you already have, and which you might want to develop.