One-to-one coaching

One-to-one coaching is highly effective across a number of different topics and focus areas, and by its nature, is always tailored to each individual. We help coachees to identify their goals and optimise their performance so they move to the next level of success.

This way, people effect rapid and sustainable performance transformation, often in one or more areas of an otherwise good performance. This can include development of skills such as influencing, negotiation, communication and conflict resolution that impacts up to Board level.

When to use a coach

  • Coaching is suitable for people who are identified as having high potential at the early stage of their career, as it helps them to accelerate that potential.
  • Coaching is highly beneficial for individuals moving into a new appointment and typically covers the first three months for a smooth and speedy transition into their new role (both for internal transfers and external hires).
  • It can help those who are more established and valuable within the organisation but who are at a career crossroads, as it helps them ‘find their place’ while still feeling valued and stimulated.
  • And it can help people who are exiting the organisation, to help them make the right choice going forward and transition into a different workplace. If your organisation is making people redundant, you will find that one-to-one coaching goes beyond standard outplacement and shows you are doing the right thing by your people.

Whatever the situation, our coaching helps to determine, shape and plan for attainment of a successful career and performance, both for new and established executives and leaders.