Coaching supervision

Coaching supervision is a structured, formal process that helps improve the quality of coaches. It’s relevant to coaches who work in-house and those who work externally, as well as to line managers and mentors – in fact, coaching supervision can benefit anyone who uses coaching techniques.

Coaching supervision for coaches

Coaching supervision helps you think about your clients in a different way, to identify boundaries between ‘their stuff’ and ‘your stuff’, and provides insight and help through difficult ethical issues. By becoming part of a coaching community, you access emotional support from other coaches in the network. Taking part in coaching supervision will help grow your coaching skills and practice.

Coaching supervision for organisations

Coaching supervision is a way to ‘up the game’ of your coaches, an essential component to support and grow the coaching capability of your organisation. It provides quality control to maintain standards, identifies themes and patterns to feed back to the company, and enhances organisational learning and your organisation’s reputation.

By helping internal coaches achieve their objectives through enhanced self-awareness and development of tools and techniques, coaching supervision helps the organisation achieve its objectives.

Eventually, coaching supervision will be a requirement in order to maintain quality standards across all coaches in your organisation. Introduce coaching supervision NOW and you’ll be ahead of the game.

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