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Leading global teams

When you lead a global team, you can’t have informal conversations in the corridor or over coffee. It’s therefore important to put time and effort into having clear goals and governance and to build good relationships and formal communication channels.

See below for some tips from my experience of working with global teams including two suggestions for further (short!) reading.

Many of my previous articles touch on this month’s topic in various ways, especially ‘The role of the leader‘, ‘Emotionally intelligent teams‘, ‘High performing leadership teams‘ and ‘How to build trust‘.

I hope you find these ideas useful and welcome your feedback.

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Emotionally intelligent teams

Last month, we looked at high performing leadership teams. Emotionally intelligent behaviours underpin successful teams – they are the glue that enables teams to consistently achieve their purpose. So, this month, we build on the six main behaviours displayed by emotionally intelligent teams.

As you’ll see, one of the points is about being open to feedback, so I welcome any comments you may have.

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