In 2020, the world changed.

Facing unexpected travel restrictions, organisations suddenly had to switch to online communication. Leaders found themselves working from home, trying to manage their teams remotely. Individuals had to incorporate new challenges into their working day, such as home-schooling.

For global teams, this may be less of an adjustment. But lockdown has meant that my delivery channels have changed too, for coaching, team-building and strategic meetings.

These days, you can book my services either virtually or face-to-face. The good news is that online sessions are just as effective, with attendees located anywhere in the world, whether in the office or at home on their sofa.

We’re all being more flexible, adaptable and agile than ever.

Hybrid events are becoming the norm, where some attendees are in the same physical space, while others ‘dial in’ from a distance. I’ve delivered fully virtual facilitation for geographically dispersed teams teams ranging in size from seven to 70. Where possible, face-to-face sessions remain valuable for helping with connection and deeper debate.

Whether online or offline, all my sessions deliver tangible outputs such as:

  • Engaging your people
  • Helping them stay connected
  • Ensuring they feel cared for
  • Getting the work done
  • Integrating the focus on your organisation’s overall purpose with the here and now

To discuss the options, please get in touch.